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Every journey begins with a single step

Zoom Coach offers a range of services to help you start your business, grow your business, in the shortest time possible, and with no wasted investment. To engage with Zoom Coach, you book one single session coaching conversation. That’s it. No contracts, no long-term agreements, no fancy programmes. If you need another session, you book it when you need it, not when we say you should.

We help you make progress on your terms. We don’t set tasks or homework, and we don’t ‘hold you accountable’ (unless it is the best thing for you). We aim to help you in as few sessions as possible. Simplicity in a world of Complexity. Zoom Coach.


Business Start-Up


For people contemplating Starting a New Business, we offer sessions to help with:

  • Helping you make the Right Choice to start the Right Business

  • Helping you Find First Clients

  • Helping you develop Repeat Referrals

  • Helping you become an Expert Networker

At Zoom Coach, we deliver all our sessions over Zoom, improving our response times and minimising costs. We can help you with just one of these sessions, or with all four. You decide what you want and when you want it. Single Session Coaching at its very best. Book your first Business Start-up session today and let Zoom Coach help you


Business Growth

Once you have successfully started your new business, you will want to Grow Sustainably. You will be offered lots of support you don’t need and be persuaded to invest in services and products you might never need. At Zoom Coach, we help you focus your priorities, and make sure you make the right choice first time, every time. Here are four sessions we offer regularly.

  • Helping our clients cope with Growing Pains by staying Focused

  • If considering Recruiting Staff, we sense-check it’s right for your business

  • When you have a team, we help you make sure every year is your Best Year Ever

  • If you are looking to wind down, we can help you plan a Simple and Profitable Exit

These are just our most common conversations. If you have a specific topic you want to explore so you can make great choices on your terms, contact us to book a Business Growth session.

These transformational conversations usually require less than one hour. We will find a solution together, guaranteed, or your money back!